Do you create a resolution or a goal for yourself every year? Do you have a theme song that helps inspire you and creates balance in your day?

Just like the many ways people choose to motivate themselves throughout the day, HAWK Advisers began developing business themes for each year to help create a focal point for our team.

We take time to reflect on the previous year, theme, objectives, hardships and accomplishments to help fuel our theme for the next year and propel us forward. In 2021, our theme was to Stand in the Gap, a theme that our team embraced through a year of tremendous growth as a company and as a unit.

Our annual theme comes with much consideration and contemplation. We really break down how it applies to our company, how it can be implemented, and how it will impact our team.

This year, our theme is Next Level.

What does this mean exactly?

We live in an incredible area that is tucked away between a landscape of mountains in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. These mountains are some of the oldest in the United States and the most famous chain running through our valley is the Appalachian Mountains. The tallest peak is just over 5,700 feet. However, the stretch of the Appalachian trail (AT) runs 2,190 miles through a total of 12 states from the Southernmost state of Georgia to Maine. Since 2016 only about 20% of those who started their journey on the AT completed it. There are a variety of different reasons for hikers to fall short of their goal. The #1 reason is lack of planning and preparation.

When considering our theme for 2022, we took a hard look within ourselves to identify areas where we can make a greater impact on our customers, community, and business. Like anyone on expedition we have taken the necessary time to acclimate to our business and industry climate, studied the forecast, properly trained, and equipped ourselves with the tools needed for the trek ahead. Our journey is less about reaching the summit and more about embracing new challenges, setting realistic goals, and stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone. The climb will be steady, the terrain charted, and team well prepared.

HAWK Advisers is dedicated to our customers and our community. We endeavor to partner with you as an extension of your business by demonstrating the value of a trusted advisory approach to managing risk. Your experience interacting with any member of our team should be meaningful and rewarding. This is the customer experience we are taking to the Next Level and we are excited about the journey ahead.

We have a lot of exciting things planned this year! Stay connected with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and sign-up for our newsletter – we cannot wait to elevate to new heights in 2022!