We are committed to our community.

Located in Roanoke, VA, HAWK Advisers is grounded in this wonderful community. One of our core values is to give back: “As beneficiaries from our hard work we must also be good stewards. We restore hope to others by responding to needs greater than our own.” That begins here in our community.

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2022 Theme: Next Level

2022 Theme: Next Level

Do you create a resolution or a goal for yourself every year? Do you have a theme song that helps inspire you and creates balance in your day? Just like the many ways people choose to motivate themselves throughout the day, HAWK Advisers began developing business...

2021 Theme: Stand in the Gap

2021 Theme: Stand in the Gap

Every year, our team at HAWK Advisers chooses a theme. In 2021, our theme is to “stand in the gap” for our clients, for our team and to serve as a reminder to the commitment we have to carry out our mission to the fullest.  In ancient days, cities protected themselves...

We are proud members of the following associations.

Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA)

Virginia Craft Brewers Guild (VCBG)

Association of General Contractors (AGCVA)

Roanoke Regional Home Builders Association (RRHBA)

Roanoke Regional Chamber

Ask about how these memberships allow us to better serve you.

Our membership to these associations provide members exclusive access to partnership opportunities and monetary rewards.