Transparency is our Business

The term “risk management” is a buzzword that is rarely well-defined or quantified.  The same can be said for most terms used in the insurance industry.  At HAWK, we understand the importance of explaining coverage and insurance options in a language in which our customers can relate.

Transparency is a guiding principle to how we approach each interaction with our partner clients.  How we articulate the characteristics and merit behind each business opportunity allows our insurance companies to award preferred coverage and pricing with confidence.  HAWK commercial advisers are specialists, and our team is trained in a variety of disciplines to complement our Value-Exchange Model.

Helping our customers effectively manage risk enables them to make smarter business decisions – leaving them time to concentrate on what matters most – expanding their customer base, developing products, and growing their business.

Start a conversation with a HAWK Commercial Adviser to discuss your specific needs and objectives.

Workers Compensation

Helps compensate employees for expenses associated with work-related injuries or illnesses, including: medical bills, rehabilitation, and lost wages.

Commercial Property

Helps protect the property your business owns and leases, including: buildings, equipment, inventory and furniture. It also helps cover lost income if you can’t run your business because of covered property damage.

Commercial Auto

Helps cover you, your employees, and the vehicles you own, lease, rent or borrow – on the road and off. If an accident happens, this can help prevent it from damaging your bottom line.

General Liability

Helps to protect your business assets in the event of a lawsuit for things like personal injury, negligence, libel and slander.

Surety Bonds

HAWK surety bonds offer the flexibility businesses need to safeguard valuable assets and comply with contractual, statutory or court-mandated requirements.

Foreign Liability

Foreign Liability bundles key coverages for businesses and educational institutions that do business outside the United States but have no foreign locations or foreign permanent employees.

Employment Practices Liability

Helps cover defense and liability costs resulting from a variety of employment-related claims including: allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination, workplace harassment, and retaliation.

Cyber Liability

Helps cover liability expenses to respond to a data loss or theft. It also helps you comply with data-related regulatory requirements and provides guidance on how to prevent and handle a data breach.

Captive Solutions

Captives are essentially a form of self insurance where the insurer is wholly-owned by the insured.  Captives do not offer insurance to the public and are regulated differently than a traditional insurer.

Fiduciary Liability

Helps protect those involved with managing trustee, medical, disability, life, retirement, pension, and other employee benefit plans that are faced with ever-increasing scrutiny and compliance requirements due to ERISA and similar regulations.

Directors & Officers Coverage

D&O insurance in general protects your leadership for errors, negligence, and failures to comply with regulations regarding company finances or operations.

Umbrella & Excess Liability Coverage

Commercial Umbrella coverage is a smart addition to any commercial policy because it provides additional layers of liability coverage that extend to underlying primary limits, further protecting business assets.