Commercial Property Coverage

Adequate commercial property coverage requires a thorough review and dialogue about your company’s assets.  Proper coverage may depend on whether or not the right questions have been asked.  For example:

  • Do you own or lease the building you occupy?
  • What is the value of your building and personal property should damage occur?
  • Are you carrying enough insurance to satisfy your insurance policy’s co-insurance agreement?
  • What type of equipment, furnishings and other business property do you own?
  • Do you take or operate equipment offsite?
  • Have you evaluated, planned and insured for a temporary business interruption?

These and so many other critical questions must be discussed to adequately insure your assets and protect your bottom line.  Only then can we provide you with a proposal that addresses your specific needs.

Start a conversation with a HAWK Commercial Adviser to discuss coverage options best suited for your operations and risk tolerance.

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