The last six months have seemingly traveled by at light speed since the announcement back in March that Sandy Hamilton is retiring on Friday, September 30th. This announcement is met with sentiments of heartfelt gratitude, sincere appreciation, and prayers for a healthy and purposeful retirement. Over her career with our agency, she has contributed in countless ways and approached each day with a spirit of intention as she tackled projects of all sizes and proportions. She approaches each day the same, no matter the heights or demands, with a list. Depending on scale, the list may fit on a post-it note by her computer, jotted down in her planner, or reside on the corner of her desk in an unrestricted file. There was a method and means for which she approached all of her pursuits. Her passion for learning was fueled by a love to serve and it’s the impact from her service that her contributions will surpass the constraints of time.

She has high expectations and there are no limits or lengths she will go to chase down an answer, reconcile a statement, or “go-to-bat” for those entrusted in her care. Her ambition was not a quest for advancement, it was simply an unwavering and unrelenting commitment for doing the right thing. She will be the first to admit, that regardless of your conviction and how you see the world, there are opportunities to learn from those who do not operate at the same pace or see things differently. It takes humility to admit when you are wrong and there is value in getting things wrong on the way to getting them right. Anyone who knows her well would agree that she stewards her responsibilities with integrity, leads by example, and shares her knowledge and talents generously. It’s my privilege to have worked together with my mother over the last 18 years and it’s my honor to carry forward those same virtues which she has instilled in me. Sandy Hamilton has served with an abundance of passion, steadfast dedication and immeasurable power of will.

There is a line from one of her most beloved poems that is fitting to commemorate her accomplishments and express our wishes for what lies ahead.

“Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein, “There is a place where the sidewalk ends and before the street begins, and there the grass grows soft and white, and the sun burns crimson bright, and there the moon-bird rests from his flight to the cool peppermint wind.”

It’s our hope that Sandy’s retirement is blessed with a slow and measured approach, that her lists of to-dos will fulfill good purpose, and that her journey beyond retirement is peaceful and blessed.

Stephen Hamilton