Every year, our team at HAWK Advisers chooses a theme. In 2021, our theme is to “stand in the gap” for our clients, for our team and to serve as a reminder to the commitment we have to carry out our mission to the fullest. 

In ancient days, cities protected themselves with walls to fortify themselves from their enemies. If they were attacked and the walls were breached, there were people inside the cities that would sacrifice themselves by, quite literally, standing in the gap to prevent further damage until the wall could be repaired or secured. 

The Merriam-Webster defines “gap” as a hole or space where something is missing. There are a myriad of definitions and descriptions you can find for what “stand in the gap” might mean to some, but for us, it’s much more.

In 2021, we plan to “stand in the gap” for…

Our clients.

It is our responsibility as insurance advisers to stand in the gap for our clients. Unlike many of our peers, we remain independent. Therefore, identifying ourselves as an extension to the operations we serve. Think about it this way, your best employees don’t just do their best work the weeks leading up to their performance review. Typically, they are eager to tackle assignments, positive natured, trustworthy, and quick to roll up their sleeves when something breaks down. This is what it means to stand in the gap and it’s precisely the role in which we serve to the businesses that partner with HAWK.   

Our team.

Every company is only as strong as the team that represents it. A team that communicates, engages and creates solutions is a team that can stand in the gap for their clients. It’s also important that we stand in the gap for one another – through willingness to pitch in wherever necessary, being able to adapt quickly, consistently demonstrating a positive attitude and celebrating our peers’ successes.  

Our mission.

At HAWK Advisers, it’s our mission to be the most responsive and engaging independent agency provider of risk management and insurance solutions. This requires our team to be engaged with their industry and their challenges so that we can be responsive to their insurance and risk management needs. 

Do you have a theme for 2021? 

Themes can help your team stay focused internally and creates a meaningful reminder to accomplish the mission and vision of your organization. We challenge you to think of a theme that is fitting for you this year – whether it be a personal theme or a company theme. Just as important as your annual business plan or budget, a theme can be helpful in creating a guide to navigate the year ahead.

Every year the theme that we set at HAWK Advisers is very intentional. This year, it aligns with the role our advisers fill for our clients, it reminds us each day that we have a team to lean on and collaborate with and a company ready to stand in the gap not only for us, but also for you. Let us know how our advisers can stand in the gap for you.