There are many advisory positions where industry professionals have designations – doctors, lawyers, realtors, and your insurance adviser.

Why? Because these industries require professionals to hone in on an area of expertise. You would not want to speak to a dermatologist about back pain, just as you should not seek advice on workers’ compensation from an insurance professional specializing in life insurance.

We have discussed the benefits of using an independent insurance adviser here, but have you ever stopped to think about what the initials behind your adviser’s name mean?

Insurance professionals have numerous designations to choose from depending upon their specific area of expertise. Here are some of the designations that you will find among our team at HAWK Advisers.

CIC: Certified Insurance Counselor

This designation signifies that an individual working in the insurance industry has attained comprehensive knowledge of Agency Management, Commercial Casualty, Commercial Property, Life and Health, and Personal Lines.

CWCA: Certified Workers’ Compensation Adviser

A nationally recognized designation, this indicates a comprehensive understanding of workers’ compensation principles and concepts.

AIS: Associate in Insurance Services

This designation affirms both technical insurance knowledge and comprehensive customer relations training.

CRSP: Certified Retirement Services Professional

This designation is the recognized standard of excellence for retirement services professionals.

CISR: Certified Insurance Service Representative

The CISR designation indicates a comprehensive understanding of risks and exposures. This designation is also a commitment to exceptional service and leadership in the insurance industry.

CEBS: Certified Employee Benefits Specialist

The CEBS designation indicates a comprehensive understanding of employee benefit principles and concepts.

NAARSO:  National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials

Members of this elite designation have exemplified the competencies to pass a certification program for the inspection and general safety of amusement devices.