Who Am I?

My name is Will Matney and I could not be more excited to be part of Team HAWK.  In May, I received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Virginia Tech and wrapped up what ended up being the most transformative years of my life.  While I spent the majority of my time focusing on academics, I also had the privilege of serving as a volunteer Young Life leader and assistant baseball coach at Eastern Montgomery High School in the small town of Shawsville, Virginia.  Throughout the past four years, I have experienced a variety of internship opportunities ranging from working on a political campaign for a previous member of the Virginia House of Delegates to operating as a data analyst for a housing development company.

What is the Blue Ridge Fellows?

For the imminent nine months, I will be committed to a variety of responsibilities as a member of the newest class of the Blue Ridge Fellows.  This program is one of many transitional initiatives in the United States that seeks to provide professional, academic, and spiritual experiences for the purpose of assimilating recent college graduates into the “real world.”  Over the course of the next year, I will be getting the opportunity to work a part-time internship with HAWK Advisers while taking seminary classes, serving at the Church of the Holy Spirit, attending professional development seminars, living with a host family, and spending time with an enriching community of like-minded individuals.  While much of what takes place will be beneficial for the present time, the underlying purpose of this year will be to propel the class of fellows into a life of dedication, relational aptitude, and the passionate service of others.

Why Insurance?

After much consideration concerning which career path would best suit my personality and skillset, I landed on a possible career in insurance.  As I began to face the fact that I would be graduating during the worst economic downturn since 2008, I began to search for jobs that would consist of great elasticity.  As a result, I discovered the ever-present need for individuals and companies who will specialize in risk assessment in both the good times and the bad.  On a more personal level, I feel as if a career in insurance has the potential to match my fervent desire to help others and intercede on their behalf.  With insurance being a relational industry, I fully believe my desire to both build and maintain relationships will come into complete fruition.