What is considered an invasion of privacy?

This is a legal term used to describe a circumstance where an individual or organization knowingly intrudes upon a person or an organization.
In our most recent seminar, “Invasion of Privacy,” was the central theme in a two part discussion that focused on the polarizing topics of CYBER ATTACKS and SEXUAL HARASSMENT.
Every company has cyber threats – no matter the size, in fact, over 34% of recent breaches are targeting employers with 1-250 employees.  We are all vulnerable and chances are you may have been a victim of a cyber breach.
QUESTION: How do breaches occur?
Password Sniffing 
Improper Data Disposal
Social Engineering
Lost Mobile Device Phishing

Data breach is an evolving criminal economy that generates billions of dollars each year.  The question is whether we acknowledge the risk  and if our response will be PROACTIVE or REACTIVE?  Evaluating your risk means starting a dialogue with the right people in the room, this may include your IT professional, Executive staff, Board of Directors, and your insurance adviser.  The goal is to prioritize your data security and establish objectives to protect your corporate assets from the impact of a breach. 
FACT:  We are all targets and security breaches can wreak havoc on our company’s reputation and bottom line.
FACT:  Cyber Breach is expensive.  The average cost is $217 per compromised record.  Costs generally include:  legal compliance, forensics and breach consultants, costs to repair or upgrade systems, business interruption, notification expenses and credit monitoring services… and the list goes on.

In addition to cyber threats, sexual harassment is another topic receiving a lot of media attention. The #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns are bringing a lot of publicity and attention to the topics of sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace. These campaigns are part of a widespread movement that is already bringing about reform with much more anticipated to follow.
FACT:  Since 2010, employers have paid out $698.7 million to employees alleging harassment through the EEOC’s administrative enforcement pre-litigation process alone.
FACT:  The average cost per claim for small and mid-sized companies average $125,000.
What insurance is available to help protect you against cyber-attacks and sexual harassment claims?