As we step forward into the new year, 2023 stands out as a truly evolutionary period – this past year has been nothing short of transformative for the insurance industry as a whole, marked by significant developments that have left an indelible mark on the industry as we know it.

Let’s recap the major milestones, explore the insurance landscape, and dive into what lies ahead for us in 2024!

| Risks, Pressures, and Dynamic Regulatory Complexities

In 2023, the insurance industry faced significant challenges, especially in property renewals. There were steep rate hikes, limited capacity in catastrophe-prone regions, increased retentions, and valuation adjustments. Weather and climate-related events in the United States reached a record-breaking $25 billion, leading to a global anticipation of catastrophic losses exceeding $100 billion for the third consecutive year. Carriers responded by avoiding high-risk regions, impacting market access, risk financing, and coverage design.

Year-over-year catastrophic losses increased by 5-7%, prompting insurance carriers to adjust their strategies. The evolving claims landscape, changing market dynamics, and competition for market share added pressure on underwriters to accurately price risks. According to Kenneth Araullo’s Insurance Marketplace Realities report, most coverage lines experienced single-digit price increases, especially in the property market, which remained challenging. Inflation further affected both commercial and personal livelihoods.

| What’s to Be Expected in 2024?

As we look ahead to 2024, the insurance industry must navigate a landscape shaped by the challenges of the previous year. Buyers in CAT-exposed regions will face tough decisions amid tightening market conditions, and the growing prevalence of cyber threats creates challenges for all. For the 24th consecutive quarter, commercial insurance rates have risen, with an average increase of approximately 4.5% in 2023.

Property Rates in 2024: While property insurance rates are expected to climb in 2024, the pace of increase is anticipated to be less aggressive than in previous years. Notably, a significant portion of renewals is projected to fall below the 20% mark, providing a glimmer of relief for some policyholders.

Casualty Rates and Emerging Trends: Casualty rates are also poised to rise, impacting both primary and excess liability limits. However, a noteworthy observation is the easing trend in rate increases, particularly for mid and upper-market accounts, indicating potential stabilization.

Challenging Risk Profiles: Certain risk profiles are proving to be particularly challenging in the current insurance landscape. Accounts exposed to wildfires and coastal properties are navigating complex risk dynamics. High-risk categories, including food processing, frame habitational, accounts prone to losses, and those with outstanding risk control recommendations are facing greater headwinds in 2024.

Escalating Loss Severity: Loss severity, both in terms of cost and frequency, is on the rise. Recent statistics highlight an increase in plaintiff attorney involvement, amplifying the impact of litigation on insurance costs. Notably, the burgeoning field of litigation financing, currently a multi-billion dollar industry, is expected to double in the next three years.

Industry-Specific Concerns: Certain industries face specific challenges due to large liability awards in various jurisdictions. This trend is particularly concerning for sectors such as large auto fleets, hospitality, manufacturing, and real estate. Navigating these challenges requires a strategic approach to risk management and insurance coverage.

| What About HAWK?

As we step into the future of insurance in 2024, HAWK stands ready to embrace the evolving landscape with resilience and innovation.

The dynamic trends forecasted for the industry present both challenges and opportunities, and we are strongly committed to staying at the forefront of these changes. In a world of uncertainties, HAWK remains steadfast in its mission to provide reliable and adaptive solutions, ensuring that you can not only navigate the complexities of the insurance landscape but thrive in the face of change.

Let’s embrace the future together – reach out to HAWK today to guarantee yourself a fantastic 2024!

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