Statistics show that only one-third of renters carry insurance, with the majority risking their possessions and valuables in the event of a fire, theft or other loss. What’s more, if an injury occurs to a third party in a rented apartment, townhouse or condo and a lawsuit results, the tenant would have no recourse but to pay out of pocket if found responsible. Sounds crazy? But the fact is that the owner of the apartment building or townhouse/condo is not responsible for injuries in your rented home. Nor are they responsible if you’re burglarized and your valuables are stolen.

Renters or tenant’s insurance makes financial sense. Think about the personal items you own – from your furniture to rugs to electronics and your other belongings. What would it take to replace these damaged items if a fire occurred, or if they were stolen? The cost to purchase renters insurance is quite reasonable and would provide you with the safeguard you need in the event of a loss. A renters policy will even pay up to a certain amount if you have to live somewhere else temporarily due to damage to your place while it was being repaired.

HAWK can provide you with a renters policy that will address your liability and property damage needs. In addition, if you have high-end items, such as art, furs, antiques or collections, we can provide you with specific coverage that can cover those expensive personal articles.

With so many choosing to rent today, it’s important that high on the to-do list is protecting your valuables and assets with renters insurance. Give us a call, we’ll be happy to discuss our renters policy options with you.

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