Valuable Items

Over the years, you’ve accumulated items that are invaluable to you. This may include family heirlooms, artwork, articles picked up during your travels, and gifts from loved ones.  All of these need special insurance protection that goes beyond what a typical homeowners insurance policy provides. That’s because there is a limited amount of insurance on certain items within a homeowners policy that could leave you with a gap-in-coverage for your valuables.

HAWK offers insurance for your valuable items including: fine jewelry, furs, cameras, wine collections, silverware, golf equipment, golf carts, valuable works of art, stamp & coin collections, firearms, and other unique items.

While insurance may help reimburse you for damage or stolen property, we suggest that you keep proper photographic or video recorded documentation to assist with claims adjustment.

Start a conversation with a HAWK Personal Adviser to discuss affordable coverage options for your valuable items.

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