Cobra Administration

HAWK’s Benefit Advisers offers employers access to COBRA administration services. We work with third-party professionals to ensure employee benefit programs are administered in accordance with appropriate state and federal regulations.

Cobra administration services include:

  • Communicating COBRA general notice
  • Mailing Notice-of-Right to Continue
  • Sending carrier terminations and reinstatements
  • Invoicing and collection of COBRA premiums
  • Processing of ongoing COBRA transactions on behalf of the group
  • Maintaining federal-mandated COBRA documentation
  • Providing complete and accurate disclosure to healthcare providers
  • Supplying forms for use in administering COBRA
  • Monitoring COBRA regulations and legal opinions
  • Answering employee COBRA questions

Start a conversation with a HAWK Benefits Adviser for a clearer picture on healthcare reform and employee benefit plan administration for your employees.

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