Boats & Watercraft

There’s nothing like taking your boat or personal watercraft out on the open water.  Making sure you, your boat, and passengers are properly protected is a key part of enjoying fun in the sun.

We insure a variety of boats and personal watercraft.  Ownership of these vessels requires knowledge of how they operate, boating safety and navigable waterways.  You should take the same care in understanding your insurance protection and what to expect in a time of loss.  HAWK will evaluate your exposures and will help you determine the appropriate liability insurance on your boat policy. We will also review with you how your policy fits with your other personal insurance coverage such as personal umbrella insurance.

Should something happen and you have a claim, our staff will be there for you.  If you’re ready to see the world and travel internationally, we can cover that too.

Start a conversation with a HAWK Personal Adviser to discuss affordable coverage options for your boating needs.

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Get in touch with a HAWK personal insurance adviser by calling (540) 366-0613, or drop us a line using the form below.
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