We are Here

On October 24, 2016 HAWK opened its doors to a purpose built office and collaborative work space in Downtown Roanoke. As part of the new Gramercy Row building, we are combining functionality with design to offer a unique experience for our clients, community and service team.  We are new on the block, but seasoned in our approach to managing to risk.  Come by for a visit.

Making Insurance Make Sense

HAWK Advisers is an empowered team of individual agents with a passion for helping others. We are a company; that like you, perform at our best when the work is both challenging and rewarding. Every day we strive to make a measurable difference.

Independence is what inspires us to lead, to ask questions, to chart new courses if that’s what it takes to meet a client’s goals.

We know our clients – we talk to them regularly – and we look beyond the obvious to help them plan for the most common life challenges they are likely to encounter.

Our recommendations are governed by the nature of the people, the industries, and communities we serve. And, we don’t take that stewardship lightly.

Contact Us:  (540) 343-4309 or (540) 366-0613 

Commercial Solutions

Where most agents stop, we’re just getting started. The HAWK team is always surveying the business and commercial landscape to help separate you from the pack.

Personal Solutions

At Hawk, we are real people, here at home, helping you navigate life’s most tangible risks. Let us help you determine if your current costs are fair, if your coverage is over-kill, if your agent is paying enough attention. We are in the business of protecting your most valuable assets.

Stay Informed

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