Ayles grew up on a farm in Hillsville, Virginia and moved to Roanoke, Virginia in 1956.  She joined the team at HAWK Advisers in 1984 and currently holds the role of Claims and Bond Manager. The most meaningful part of her work is delivering great customer service to our clients, something that she has always believed in.  Her favorite part of living in the Blue Ridge are the friendly people, the mountains, and the beautiful scenery all around.


Fun Facts:
  • Hometown: Hillsville, Virginia
  • Favorite Things: Reading, playing Scrabble and Canasta on the computer, and singing in my church choir.
  • What song best describes your work ethic? Lean On Me
  • What is your hidden talent? It is so well hidden that I am not even sure if I have one! I just love people, so I guess you can call me a “people person.”
  • If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be? A Rottweiler because they are alert, calm and devoted with a loving heart. They are also highly trainable and happiest when they have a job to do.